You love going under my fetish spell MP3s now I’m going to put you deep under a gay hypno spell.
I’m going to put a erotic hypnosis gay spell on you. I will put you under a hypnotic spell and it is going to make you to undergo a gay transformation. It is a hypnotic spell and can never be removed, it is permanent. If you are straight, you will become gay, because you need to be gay. You have always been gay, you can’t deny that. You will be aroused by other men and by your own gay transformation.


Gay Sissy Spell MP3


Financial Domination For Breakfast

by Michelle on January 8, 2015

Welcome to the new year 2015 a year for more greed and more domination over my cash pig slaves. My greedy fetish for financial domination has kept me quite busy on Niteflirt. I’ve been attacking wallets since the beginning of the year and plan on banging the cash out harder this year. You can’t ever resist my sultry greedy ways the more I torture you with my body and words the more weak of a pet you become and its always so laughable my piglets. I love starting the day off with a financial domination session for breakfast. As you can see it was short, fast and a decent spending for 30 minutes of my Goddess time. Be a good financial slave and don’t just talk about it and say you want to be one. It’s really ugly when you can’t live up to what you want to be loser.

Morning cash bash


Goddess Michelle Bisexual Sissy Transformation MP3

by Michelle on December 10, 2014

My sissy slaves are going to love this new MP3, its time to fill up that empty spot in your life. That hole inside where the sissy lives that wants to come out and live the sissy life and serve ME. I’m going to guide you into a bisexual hypnotic state but I have to warn you drones… there is no turning back.
I am going to turn you into submissive cross dressing bisexual sissy maid. you are going to discover you are loving to give sexual and oral pleasure to men and women and you are going to find yourself being more and more and feminized each and every day.
What’s more intense is every time you orgasm, every time you masturbate you are going to discover you are becoming more submissive more of a sissy you cannot help it the cycle has already started every time you cum it is going to make you more of a submissive sissy.



Forced Intoxication Financial Breakdown

by Michelle on November 3, 2014

Holidays mean forced intoxication on Niteflirt for me. I love Halloween weekend I have a few long term slaves who always dress up and like to spend the weekend in costume and get wasted. This recent Halloween fortunately came on a Friday so the partying was insane this weekend for a couple of my slave bitches.
Candy ass sissy Sean aka Sarah was wearing what else but an Elsa from Frozen costume and only lasted 4 hours in our annual forced intoxication session. In those short 4 hours I still managed to get $1250 in tributes from him before he passed out and snored for an hour before his Niteflirt account ran out. He spent more then last time so I was happy and I was ready for more and of course I got it.
Little dick Louis spent his Sunday jacking off, sniffing poppers and drinking beer while I drained his wallet as his intox fetish was being sent deeper then before.
Down the money drain his cash went as I had that cock sucker so high he was tributing by the $100. November started out amazing and I plan on turning MOvember into MOmoney!

forced intoxication idiot


Can You Satisfy Your Lover Sex Quiz

by Michelle on October 21, 2014

Your requests for more of my amazing sex quizzes is now here. In this new Niteflirt goodie bag sex quiz we are going to explore whether you can satisfy your lover or not. You’ve been wondering if she’s faking it or even getting off at all. Now you can find out with my quiz if you’re satisfying your lovers. It’s time you found out the truth! Once you’ve taken this quiz let me know how you did. I’m pretty sure that everyone of you who buys the sex quiz will have the result of failure. I know you’re not good enough to sexually satisfy me.


Can You Satisfy Your Lover Sex Quiz