You’re been craving something new as I’ve been so busy with other things that I neglect my worship slaves. Your hungering pangs of desire for my hypnotic voice are going to feel satiated as I go deep into your mind all the way down to your cock and take you into a deep cock enslavement. The way my voice penetrates you makes you so weak. Your brain is going to melt as I enslave your cock and take full control.

13 minutes of hot hypnotic cock enslavement I’m going to force your cock into hypnotic enslavement for me. Your cock will be completely and totally enslaved to your Goddess Michelle. I will have total orgasm control over your cock, you will need me as I take total enslavement over you and it feels so good. You have craved this intense erotic mind control over your weak cock. Feel the enslavement of your Goddess Michelle.



I just came back from a month long stay in New York City. A very long term servant proposed a financial offer that this greedy Goddess couldn’t refuse You would love to hear the details of this month long financial domination tryst wouldn’t you. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles I can tell you I was staying at The Mark in a beautiful suite for 4 whole weeks with a shopping allowance that 99% of you slaves wish you could afford. If there was ever such a thing as being over pampered I think I have finally experienced it. So, now that I’m back and thats over it’s time for me to be cashing you out again. You long to be beneath my mighty powerful ass. 6 incredible hot photos for you to get in position and figure out exactly where that nose and your money belongs. Get to it NOW!



Make Me Cum, Give Me Your Money

by Michelle on November 18, 2015

A quick little fuck you, pay me so I can get myself off. I was just reminiscing about some of my hard core cash pigs who’ve been in top contribution ranks. Financial domination of any sort turns me on and I’m really horny to fuck your wallet.

Make Me Cum, Give Me Your Money
I love to masturbate thinking about the thousands that I’ve taken over the years here on Niteflirt. Thinking about the homes that I’ve wrecked through my greed gets my pussy so wet. Day dreaming of all the gifts and vacations that have been sent and paid for turns me on like crazy. I love getting off to taking your money as you masturbate to me. I love playing with my pussy and getting myself off to how easy it is to drain you while I fill myself up with my greedy desire.



It’s Femdom Blackmail Time – for YOU!

by Michelle on October 20, 2015

OMG! It’s Blackmail Time – for YOU!

Do you fantasize about being blackmailed by a greedy, bratty bitch who just won’t stop taking your money? Of course you do. Would you like to make your blackmail fantasy come true? Fuck yeah you would!

Well, you’re in luck – no one does blackmail fantasies better than I do. So what are you waiting for? Send me your name, your address, your phone number, and a picture of yourself. I’ll post it all right here on my blog, then make you pay to have it removed. You’ll pay, and pay, and PAY!

Get really stupid, and send me a picture of yourself jerking off – your face and cock clearly visible! Can you imagine how exciting that would be? Will I post all your information, or only some of it? Will I blur out your face? Or will I post it uncensored, for all the world to see? There’s only one way to find out – send it!

Just imagine if the space below contained YOUR information:


You can’t resist. You’re actually going to do it! Go ahead. Open your email account, create a new email message, address it to “”, type in your information, attach that picture, and click “SEND”. OMG! You are soooo FUCKED!

I WILL post your information and picture. How, or if, I censor them is entirely up to me. And even if I censor them at first, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay censored! LOL! And if you don’t pay, they’ll stay posted. All info and pictures you send me become my property, and I can do whatever I want with them, whenever I want. Maybe I’ll post them again, and again, and again! You’ll be my blackmail slave, forever! And you’ll LOVE it!



Worship My Big Femdom Strap-On Dick

by Michelle on July 30, 2015

Theres nothing hotter then submitting yourself beneath your Goddess with a big huge dick protruding from her pubic bone staring at you in your face like a gun.
Begin by getting naked, bare yourself and show me how vulnerable you can be. Thats a good boy, now crawl over to me with cash in your hand and place it at my heels. Look up and begin to worship my BIG cock. Open your mouth nice and wide for me and suck my huge cock as I fuck your submissive bitch face. That’s a really good boy, Mmm look at how wet those lips of your’s are getting. You’re going to show my big hard cock the worship it deserves and then, if you can take it deep enough I’m going to allow you to jerk off and cum for me. Open wide slave and take it deep.