Goddess Michelle’s Habitual Masturbation Affirmations MP3

by Michelle on November 20, 2017

Goddess Michelle’s Habitual Masturbation Affirmations 28 min 

You’re going to spend the next half hour focusing on my gorgeous voice. You’re going to listen deeply to my voice and I’m going to imprint in your mind how you’re a chronic masturbation addict. You’re going to be so turned on as you feel the deep self shame in your masturbation addicting. You are a chronic masturbator you can’t keep your hand off your cock All you want to do is stroke. It’s never enough for a habitual masturbator like you. You’re going to stroke all day and all night and all the time in between as you listen to my repetitive affirmations. Let my voice sink deep into your head as it empties out and becomes a void that only I can fill. 

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