Goddess Michelle’s Sissifying Sissy Repetitions Erotic Audio MP3

by Michelle on March 8, 2017

Goddess Michelle’s Sissifying Sissy Repetitions MP3

You’re going to sissy sub space out to 30 minutes of erotic sissy repetitions to drone out. You’re going to learn to accept what you really are, a sissy. You’re going to come to accept the sissy that you are as you slide down into the sissy vortex of my voice that will take control giving you the affirmations. You are a sissy girl, you love pink, you love to wear Woman’s clothing, you are a sissy, you want breasts, you want a tight little pussy, you are a sissy. Become sissified and escape all the manliness you hate so much. Allow yourself to let go and relax as you listen to the sounds of sissy words implant themselves into your mind. Become the sissy that you are, be the sissy you were born to be.

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