Make Me Cum, Give Me Your Money

by Michelle on November 18, 2015

A quick little fuck you, pay me so I can get myself off. I was just reminiscing about some of my hard core cash pigs who’ve been in top contribution ranks. Financial domination of any sort turns me on and I’m really horny to fuck your wallet.

Make Me Cum, Give Me Your Money
I love to masturbate thinking about the thousands that I’ve taken over the years here on Niteflirt. Thinking about the homes that I’ve wrecked through my greed gets my pussy so wet. Day dreaming of all the gifts and vacations that have been sent and paid for turns me on like crazy. I love getting off to taking your money as you masturbate to me. I love playing with my pussy and getting myself off to how easy it is to drain you while I fill myself up with my greedy desire.


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