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Goddess Michelle Ass Worship

by Michelle on February 18, 2015

Your ass fetish climbs to new heights when I park your face right behind my fresh worked out ass. It was 88 degrees and I just got back from playing tennis and can feel the sweat dripping down my ass crack. You want to be on your knees slave with your face looking up at me and tongue out ready to receive your sweat from my ass crack. You’re too ugly and I won’t allow it. You want my Goddess ass worship drippings but you’ll have to get them from off the floor like the dog slave that you are.
How will you show your Goddess Michelle the ultimate in ass worship? Will you spread your wallet open before me and beg me to financially dominate you as my ass is in your face? Show me the ways you can devote yourself to my Goddess ass.
Goddess Michelle Ass Worship

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