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Financial Domination For Breakfast

by Michelle on January 8, 2015

Welcome to the new year 2015 a year for more greed and more domination over my cash pig slaves. My greedy fetish for financial domination has kept me quite busy on Niteflirt. I’ve been attacking wallets since the beginning of the year and plan on banging the cash out harder this year. You can’t ever resist my sultry greedy ways the more I torture you with my body and words the more weak of a pet you become and its always so laughable my piglets. I love starting the day off with a financial domination session for breakfast. As you can see it was short, fast and a decent spending for 30 minutes of my Goddess time. Be a good financial slave and don’t just talk about it and say you want to be one. It’s really ugly when you can’t live up to what you want to be loser.

Morning cash bash

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