Goddess Michelle Bisexual Sissy Transformation MP3

by Michelle on December 10, 2014

My sissy slaves are going to love this new MP3, its time to fill up that empty spot in your life. That hole inside where the sissy lives that wants to come out and live the sissy life and serve ME. I’m going to guide you into a bisexual hypnotic state but I have to warn you drones… there is no turning back.
I am going to turn you into submissive cross dressing bisexual sissy maid. you are going to discover you are loving to give sexual and oral pleasure to men and women and you are going to find yourself being more and more and feminized each and every day.
What’s more intense is every time you orgasm, every time you masturbate you are going to discover you are becoming more submissive more of a sissy you cannot help it the cycle has already started every time you cum it is going to make you more of a submissive sissy.


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