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Forced Intoxication Financial Breakdown

by Michelle on November 3, 2014

Holidays mean forced intoxication on Niteflirt for me. I love Halloween weekend I have a few long term slaves who always dress up and like to spend the weekend in costume and get wasted. This recent Halloween fortunately came on a Friday so the partying was insane this weekend for a couple of my slave bitches.
Candy ass sissy Sean aka Sarah was wearing what else but an Elsa from Frozen costume and only lasted 4 hours in our annual forced intoxication session. In those short 4 hours I still managed to get $1250 in tributes from him before he passed out and snored for an hour before his Niteflirt account ran out. He spent more then last time so I was happy and I was ready for more and of course I got it.
Little dick Louis spent his Sunday jacking off, sniffing poppers and drinking beer while I drained his wallet as his intox fetish was being sent deeper then before.
Down the money drain his cash went as I had that cock sucker so high he was tributing by the $100. November started out amazing and I plan on turning MOvember into MOmoney!

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