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Humiliation Assignment For A Cum Face Sissy

by Michelle on September 16, 2014

The intense heat has me stuck inside which has been giving me a little more time to come up with new ways to mentally abuse my Michelleaholic slaves.
One of my loyal dog slaves has taken a leave of absence and has not checked in with me. There is going to be very severe consequences for this. I don’t take well to no response when I send an email out. What will I do to my slave? I have not decided but I do know it will be a nice financial blow to his sissy system. Missing birthdays is absolutely unacceptable.
I gave a really twisted humiliation assignment to Sissy Michael he was to have a day of glamour and then end it all off with a nice cum facial that he had to leave on for an hour. I told him if he left it on for an hour his face would look extra feminine. He wanted to keep his cum facial on all night but his boring wife was going to be there in a few hours. He sat with his dried sperm covered face for 2 and 1/2 hours. I had him on webcam but I pulled it off screen because it was way too disgusting to look at. He completed his humiliation task with 100% of my satisfaction, he went above and beyond but, thats only because lets face it he loves being a cum covered sissy slut.
Greedy Goddess Michelle

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