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Sex Quiz Are You A Cuckold ?

by Michelle on August 4, 2014

Now is your chance to find out if you’re a true cuckold according to me. What I say of course is all that matters to find out the truth about yourself.  Are You A Cuckold? Quiz + some hot photos to inspire your mind during the quiz. I get so many calls asking me I think they are a cuckold or should be in a cuckold relationship.  The answer is generally yes and very infrequently no. But thats going to be for you to find out once you get through my sex quiz. One of my financial domination suitors was visiting Los Angeles for a week with his family and managed to slip away to meet me for some shopping. I made sure that $3,000 was baseline to meet and I wanted it in cash. I wanted him to feel the rush of the real time financial domination Goddess experience. Slave Marcels time was limited with me. He only had around 90 minutes so we made it a fast but incredibly profitable transaction.  We met on Niteflirt a few years ago when I seduced his cock so fast and took his financial domination fetish to a whole new level online.  He’s been a pet ever since, it was amazing to meet him as well. You’ve wondered and thought about if you are or not a cuckold. Were you born to be in a cuckold relationship? Find out the truth.

Are You A Cuckold Quiz

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