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Ongoing Financial Domination With John

by Michelle on July 2, 2014

The Ongoing Destruction of John R.

I’ve blogged about this idiot before. He lives in Raleigh, NC, in a crappy little one-bedroom apartment. Apartment #305, to be exact. (Oh, was that too much information, John? I know that made your tiny cock jump in your pants!)

John has a blackmail obsession. Which is awesome, because I LOVE to blackmail morons who are stupid enough to give me their personal information. And I have LOTS of personal information about John R. I know his full name, his full address, his phone number . . . and now I have his picture!

I can’t believe you were stupid enough to send me your picture, John. Did you think I wouldn’t post it here on my blog? LOL, you ARE stupid!!!

I love the brain-dead expression on his face. You can tell he’s been stroking for hours, turning himself into a stupid stroke-zombie for me. See that cash in his hand? I’ll have it in MY hand soon. And that credit card? I’ve raped it multiple times. I love how he even put those dumb yellow captions on the picture, too.
He’s such an idiot I think I might post the actual photo again!

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