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Diaper Slave Ricky

by Michelle on June 4, 2014

Diaper Fetish

I just got home from a 3 hour spa session at Burke Williams paid for by the fantastic pig slave Davis. Davis is a financial domination slut and he has a fancy for wearing a diaper when he calls. I treat him like a rich baby who is going to have all his money taken away from him for being a bad bad boy. I love to rob his piggy bank while hes playing with his butt plug. Such a dirty filty diaper wearing male should be shamed for being the pig that he is. Just as I smash his piggy bank hard enough he makes his sissy squirt in his diaper. I mock him endlessly until he cries and sends another $500 before I allow him to be on his way.

A few new hypno toys fell deep under my spell as I penetrated them with my eyes and my sweet erotic nipple hypnosis. So small and powerful my nipples can conquer your wallet as you fall deep under the erotic mind fuck.

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