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Danny Diaper Fetish

by Michelle on May 7, 2014


A new wittle woozer I’m going to call Danny diaper pig found my site, called me on Niteflirt and wanted me to be his Queen and watch him play in his big sissy diaper.  It was white with yellow duckies and pink ribbons around it. Danny is overweight and had a number of baby food jars he was ready to consume for me. I was too disgusted by the baby food so I made him get something more fattening and high calorie like a fresh unopened jar of peanut butter. He was a messy adult baby who just wanted to slop around and be messy and get punished for it. He stuck his face in the peanut butter and made a big mess. I had him smear and cover his face to make him a messy sissy baby.  His messy sissy baby fetish was really getting out of hand when he started to cry and fling peanut butter around the room. It was a full blown pathetic sissy diaper panic attack. I began to get annoyed and disgusted at the sissy baby and sent him to take and ice cold bath WITH ice cubes in it, diaper ON!  He cried and screamed and then he was acting like a sissy baby bitch even more so, I made him fill his diaper with ice cubes and then I sent him to bed.



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