Bimbo Fetish

by Michelle on May 1, 2014

Your bimbo fetish is increasing and Tumblr isnt really helping it now is it? You’re not turned on by the bimbo Woman herself, you want to look like the bimbo! Brian aka Brandy is a bimbo cum craving slut when he gets home from work every night. He spends hours looking at bimbos and reading bimbo captions. He wants to come to Los Angeles and let me drug him and take him to get the surgury hes been desperate to get.  Giant bimbo blow fish lips to slurp those big cocks down, massive oversided melon tits. The kind that are so big that your back pains are enivitable. Slutty dresses and bright skanky colors, bling jewelry and stacked high heels. We can’t forget a big huge long bimbo wig and some press on nails for the night to complete the bimbo look. We take an entire 90 minutes to get him into Brandy and get the mood just right. Then we start to cruise the internet in search of hot big tittied slutty bimbos that Brandy can play with her little sissy dick too. I’m going to turn your bimbo fetish into a whole new experience.


Bimbo Fetish

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