Sissified Sissy

by Michelle on April 1, 2014

This week I helped out one of my beautiful girlfriends on a femdom session she had booked. It was a double session hooking up 2 sissy’s and making them hook up for their very first times.  She needed my help with hair, makeup, direction and to film it.  We met at the Beverly Hills hotel in a suite, each of the men arrived 30 minutes before the other. I began hair and make up on the first man,  He was in his late 30’s,  attractive and I was informed after he was a really successful social media head. It didn’t matter, all I saw was that I was transforming this man into a sissy slut who’s about to have his firs sissy play date. My friend got the other sissy ready and called for us to come out and the 2 transformed sissy’s united.  They both looked scared so we pulled out the sissy pink champagne and told them to have some and then start kissing.  It was the first sissy kiss and they embraced and both of their little sissy clits were sticking straight up.  I want to sissify YOU are you pink enough to serve a Goddess like myself and get turned out?

Sissy boi love

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