French Sissy Bimbo Phone Domination

by Michelle on March 3, 2014

French sissy Marcel has been in sissy training with me on Niteflirt for a few weeks. He’s lost 12 lbs so far and his waist is starting to cinch in nice and tight. Todays sissy humiliation lesson was him getting on cam for me and learning how to take a dildo nice and deep.
He was ready for me in a skimpy pink body con dress with a bra and really nice breast forms in them. With his wig on he almost started to look female, the pig nose is to protect his sissy identity and also an indicator of what a sissy pig loser Marcel is under all the sissy clothing.
He got his lips all red and pretty, the first lesson was to make sure no teeth were ever going to touch that rubber cock. He learned how to get his mouth nice and moist just from the excitement of getting his sissy lips around that cock. He’s being trained to start his mouth watering when he sees a cock, any cock. Do you want to practice your sissy training and learn how to go deep on a nice big cock. By the end of our session my sissy slave was balls deep in rubber and ready to take his first real load of cum. Make me proud sissy’s.

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