Men Make Great Sissy Pets

by Michelle on January 28, 2014

Men make the best sissy pets, I have the best sissy pets ever especially my momo Saudi sweetie who’s out of actual chastity but is in mental chastity for life with me. Behavior always gets you out of chastity along with ass kissing and gifts.
Men make great sissy pets for the following reasons.
The keep your house clean if they live near you and even if they don’t the would love to clean all day.
They always smell good, keep themselves well groomed and love to look fresh in pink. Who doesn’t want to look at something pink and frilly at least once a day?
Men make great sissy’s because its like having a girl best friend that just caters to you and doesn’t bitch, or complain and when your sissy pet does complain then you can just slap the sissy bitch across the face and lock of his sissy dick in chastity for a few days or even longer to remind your sissy to keep that pretty mouth shut unless its been instructed to open. Cock sucking is included in that sissy! If you don’t obey your Goddess then you’ll never be the sissy pet with full potential. Do as your Goddess tells you, its the right thing if you want to be a good sissy pet. Never forget my slaves, chastity is a privilege.

Obey The Rules Sissy

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