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Hypnotic Legs Mind Control You

by Michelle on January 18, 2014

You know how powerful my legs can be. You take a look at my sweet carmel skin as my smooth thighs are exposed. The smoothness of my thighs radiating into your face with hypnotic triggers suggestions that I plant in your head.
You’re looking deep into my hypnotic eyes and you feel my erotic voice penetrating you so hard that you can feel my thighs tightening around your neck like a python. You repeat over and over “Goddess Michelle owns me, Goddess Michelle controls me” your mantra has you in a deeper hypnotic state. You long to be the controlled puppet on a string you aspire to be. My hypnotic legs so smooth and tan, you suddenly have a leg fetish you never knew existed. You suddenly want to stroke your cock to my beautiful legs in nylons. You want to spend your life with your face breathing from the gusset between my inner thighs. You suddenly have an urge to call me on Niteflirt and tell me how beautiful my legs are. Start from the bottoms of my soles and show me the leg worship I deserve.

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