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by Michelle on November 19, 2013

You find your mind keeps going to places like giving a Goddess all your money. You keep coming back to my Niteflirt page, you keep coming back to my site to read about the dirty Men who open their lives and wallets to me giving me what I want. The hottest sex of your life is the orgasm you get when I give you the financial domination you masturbate so much thinking about.
A top shelf humiliation slave I’ll call Jonas was in Hollywood over the week and after 3 years of conversation and many thousands of dollars in gifts we met up. I had just come back from working for my friend doing a photo shoot for her clothing line so my hair was done perfect, my makeup was flawless and I was in an incredible cream dress that healed my every curve and showed of my cleavage in an elegant way. The only thing missing were panties, my freshly waxed pussy was right there ready to access and tease the world.
I came with one of my high end girlfriends and arrived at his hotel, we went up to his suite and before we said hello he had wine being poured and we had told him to strip down and get naked. He smoked a joint and sat in a chair listening to my girlfriend and I make plans for how we were going to dominate him for the next 2 hours. As he sat in the chair I put a pillow over his cock and sat on his lap and used him as a throne as I took his iPhone into my hands and went through his photos. The nervous excitment was just too much for him and he shot his load right into the pillow beneath my ass. We were dissapointed and horrified and the slave wrote us a check for $2000 for being so humiliated and embarrassed for not being able to hold his orgasm back. I did’nt care, I got what I came for.

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