Homewrecker Hypnosis

by Michelle on October 28, 2013

Gold was struck again this weekend. Another hypnotized financial domination slaved was lulled in by my words. Broken by every single click and pay in his Niteflirt account that I kept sending him over and over again. Click and pay were the magic hypnosis triggers I planted deep on him. My sexual words were devouring his mind as I devoured his money. Go ahead say these words with me. “Michelle loves money, Michelle loves my money, Michelle gets my money” the more you say this the more you can really understand what’s right. What will make you feel good inside, Your cock is already so hard from uttering those words of dominant power. He gave into temptations he thought he could resist especially when he said he was taking his wife to Italy for their anniversary and he was spending all his vacation money on Me. The home wrecker in me snickered and laughed and said “well now I’m going to Italy with the money from your vacation” “Michelle loves money, Michelle loves my money, Michelle gets my money”. My suggestions growing like a weed working him over and over as kept taking what I wanted. Are you confident enough to come to me and not get taken advantage of?

Golden Goddess

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