Financial Domination Hypnosis

by Michelle on October 21, 2013

Long time robot stroke addict JJR is getting closer and closer to tipping over the edge of surrendering his personal information to me. All the way from Raleigh, NC in apartment #305. Each time he called over and over I extracted cash and gave him some serious financial domination hypnosis stroke and pay time. The hypnotizing is getting deeper his fear of blackmail keeping his cock hard for years and now its harder then its ever been. What will I do? The financial milking will continue.

Hello. This is an Automated Cash Extraction Call from Michelle’s Jerk-Off Service! This call is exclusively for J.J.R If you are not J.J.R, please hang up now.

J.J.R, you have been randomly selected from our database of stupid cock-stroking losers for some stroke and pay fun!

You’re going to stroke your cock, and we’re going to take your money. Does that sound like fun? Fuck yeah it does!

You have been pre-approved for 25 strokes at the rate of $5 per stroke. Begin stroking NOW!

Click Stroke Pay

1-800-863-5478 ext.01720040 New Callers Get 3 FREE Min To Get Seduced.
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