Financial Domination Monday

by Michelle on October 8, 2013

Stroke and pay is one of my favorite games to play. Sunday night a new stroke and pay slave found me and knew immediately that I was to be the one taking control of his mind and wallet. He was ready to submit as I hypnotized him with my every word controlling his cock and orgasm remotely from my Goddess world.
Each pay to view mail with a message leaving his mind hypnotized with triggers designed to make his cock harder and harder giving me more and more money as I instruct. My power was building with each paid mail as I decided the fate of his orgasm. I decided how much he was going to have to pay to let his cock cum or maybe even not cum. After I felt I took enough to satisfy myself for the moment I reminded him that he was going to feel an intense shame but that would only drive him back for more. How deep will I go into your bank account.

Pay Pig Monday

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