Fall Financial Domination

by Michelle on October 3, 2013

Welcome to October, Fall is here and it’s time for you to fall to your knees and show your Goddess Michelle the proper worship that I want. I cash raped cuckold Hans from Germany with such precision and finesse he still can’t believe how much I took from him. We started our Femdom relationship on Niteflirt a few weeks ago, his wife is having an affair he pretends he doesn’t know about but he does. He found a photo of his wifes face covered with cum on it in her iPhone. His wife must have forgot to delete it. He took a picture of the phone and sent it to me and it was really humiliating. His wife had a huge smile on her face with a huge cock head near her lips with her face glazed over and wet. He got so excited knowing she was actually finally being pleased because his puny worthless cock couldn’t serve her. I confimed for him the fact that she was just a gold digging bitch no different then myself. She was using him and getting pleasure from more studly real Men. Now he pays both her and I, I told him to think of me as his other wife, the one that tells him the truth about his worthless cock.

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