Erotic Hypnosis Underwear

by Michelle on September 16, 2013

My powerful panties charmed the pants off cash slave Steve. This weekend was a financial domination fiesta for Steve. Our few hour session landed me a few thousand dollars. I won’t be too specific because don’t you think giving out all those details is tacky? Actually I really don’t give a fuck but it’s non of your business so lets stick with the few grand for now.
Michelle addicts know my tight ass looks so tender and controlling in underwear. I happen to know that white cotton panties are cash slave Steve’s ultimate weakness. The last time I taunted him with my ass and some white panties on web cam I ended up going on a major online shopping spree at . My haul included some sexy handbags and a couple hot dresses. I prefer cash so this time my tight ass cheeks were going right to what matters… MONEY.
My smooth skin already has your mind feeling at ease and then I peel down to the white panties. The white light glowing in your face blinding you as my hypnotic powers consume you. I whisper a few trigger words into your ear and the white panties take on a totally new meaning. The white hypnotic underwear are hypnotizing your mind as my holy ass takes all your money. Come closer to the light and get closer to the magic underwear.

White underwear hypnosis

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