Chastity Slave Devotion

by Michelle on September 4, 2013

How do you show your Goddess devotion? Do you show her devotion with your money? Do you show your Goddess devotion by making her money in ways you never thought were ways you would earn? Do you show your devotion with money and chastity?
My slave Fulla has been so good, the best sissy a Goddess could ask for showing me such devotion with this beautiful chastity device. No more being tied up in a mitten now my slave has this adorable pink made for sissy’s chastity device to keep his male clit all nice and out of the way. You see my loving slave had a bit of an accident, he got a little to excited in his dream and stroked his sissy cock clit straight to orgasm. No nocturnal emissions allowed with Goddess Michelle!
I saw Jeffery a married slave who has to be locked in a chastity device when he meets with me. He has a severe urge to masturbate and touch his cock the moment he see’s me and thats not allowed. There is no stroking your cock the moment you see me until I say you’re allowed to stroke. I also really have no desire to look at his cock so its best kept behind a cage where I don’t need to look at it. He bought his way out of his cock cage and let out the biggest sigh. It was as though he had an orgasm just paying for the release of the chastity device. How will you show your devotion to Me?

Chastity Slave Devotion

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