Online Financial Domination Addiction

by Michelle on July 26, 2013

Cash slave and 2 month new Niteflirt addict Carson has lost his mind on me. He’s found a way to call me almost every day for the past 2 months and tributes me every day on Niteflirt and sent me a Amazon gift card at the beginning of each week. I can see him slipping down the path to ruin very fast at this rate and we all know that I don’t care because I take hard and make you fall for me even harder. I have him under a deep hypnodomme lust spell. His wife’s name is also Michelle so I’m using that against him as a trigger. Whenever he hears the name Michelle he’s triggered feelings so intense that he must call me within a 5 minute period of hearing the trigger. The mind triggers become deeply intense on the weekends when they are out with other couples or with family. Along with the trigger he sends a $25 tribute before calling and then he calls and just explains to me the deep intense urges he’s feeling. This sexual feeling where all he wants to do is call, pay and stroke for me. He’s been like a mind controlled zombie he knows and understands that he put himself into the triggered zone and now there is no way out. I can’t see an ending I can only see this hypno spell growing stronger with time.

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