Financial Domination Through Forgiveness

by Michelle on July 10, 2013

A good slave knows to show his devotion to me through financial domination. He knows that when he’s done something that doesn’t please me that nothing he can actually say will make me happy. A good slave knows that sending me cash, gifts etc are the only ways I will accept a slave back into my life. My loyal slave had been put on chastity for a year and once again he was not able to make it without having an orgasm in his sleep. Yes, he sent me a groveling email detailing how he woke up to a sticky mess in his panties and how he felt nothing but total shame. I immediately wanted to crush his face in my thighs and tear him down but I didn’t need to do anything because he knew exactly what to do. he came crying to me AFTER the few thousand and the new Gucci bag was ordered from my wish list. I was pleased and happy but that was temporary, I had him tie is cock up for a week to give himself the feeling of me crushing him and he now is on one years probation. The key to a greedy Goddess’s happiness is through my wallet, if you want to make me wet then open that wallet up nice and wide while I fuck it really good.

Goddess Forgive Me

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Tiny Penis Loser john August 8, 2013 at 11:31 am

Dear Ms. Michelle,
Hi! i have a tiny penis. How are You?
Your tiny penis loser john
PS i wish You would sit on me (or do whatever You want to punish me).

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