Financial Domination Goddess

by Michelle on June 5, 2013

There is only one way to challenge your fetish for giving a beautiful Woman of power and tremendous greed your money. A financial domination session with Me will not only drain your wallet but you will get so hard with each hundred that slips away. My greed grows with each word I say, with each command I give even more is slipping away and your balls start to tighten up.
Do you have that sensation inside of you, the one where your finances need to be taken hold of. The feeling that your wife and your family doesn’t deserve the money you make. A younger more entitled Dominant Goddess should take it all. You log into to your Niteflirt account and you know that the first thing you’ll need to do is load your account full of cash. If you pre-load it with the maximum amount of credit before you get declined you’ll be sure to get your cock extra hard. Once you’re loaded and make your way to me, its a matter of time before I’ve dominated your wallet and seduced your entire amount right into my account. Feel the rush and the sensation that only I can give you. Get on your knees cash slave, extend your hand and wallet and allow me to take control.

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