Niteflirt Financial Domination

by Michelle on April 22, 2013

Cash loving money hunting going on all weekend and I set my sites on mind on a juicy slave that came my way. He found me on Niteflirt and I dug my dominating nails deep inside of him. It was extraordianlly easy how he came to me like a weak pet on his knees begging for my attention with cash.
Lick, kneel and surrender were the words of the day that got those cash pigs crawling in wallets in mouth. You were sent your special email on Niteflirt. You money slaves took my bait and I took your money.
Cuckold Kevin talked to me for 45 minutes about how his wife used to be so hot she resembled me and now after 5 years her ass is twice the size and she has a huge gut and she thinks she’s still hot. I taught him that if she thinks shes hot to allow her to go out and get some big cock and then she can come home and you can clean up her pussy. He begged to jerk off to me but I told him that he didn’t deserve to jerk off to me until he paid a fat wife jerk off fee.
$100 and he drained his loser cock all over her desk. Orgasm payments were coming in left and right this weekend. Full force financial domination another 1K rolled in from Jaques after he spent the day gambling for me. He fucked up earlier with a pet task and that led him to pay a substantial jerk off fee.

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