Pay Me To Be Your Goddess Muse

by Michelle on April 4, 2013

I had an interesting session with a man I met at a wine tasting a couple weeks ago. He said he was an artist and wanted to paint me. I of course being the greedy Goddess that I am wasn’t going to even consider doing anything for him unless there was a sizable cash offering.
Usually when I hear the word artist I think broke but he was just a hot investor with a passion for paying sexy Woman to come to his place and “model” for him. His offer was generous and since he was a friend of a friend I heard he had a fabulous studio and that he was really obsessed with a dominant Woman who will fuck him over. I went over to his place after he paid for me to get my hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure done and an hour long massage to relax me. I got there with champagne waiting and I got into some sexy lingerie and we began.
I could see how hard his cock was getting and I started to laugh at him. I stopped everything and told him to strip naked and show me that hard cock. It was small, so small I told him to hold his paintbrush up to it so I could humiliate him even more. His small cock was getting so excited he said he couldn’t paint anymore. I told him that I was now the artist and I took some paint and put it on the head of his cock and wiped it on the canvas. It took only about 5 minutes before that made him cum. I cleaned myself off and declined his offer to take me to dinner but said I would gladly model for him again.

Goddess Blue Dream

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