Financial Domination Friday

by Michelle on March 1, 2013

Spring has sprung its the first of the month and already things have kicked off perfectly on a hot day. I started the day off with this loser foaming at the mouth for me to do some forced intoxication on his and drain his wallet out. $400 kicking off the morning with loser fag Steven.
Steven has a phone sex addiction on Niteflirt and he’s a sissy who likes to get “forced” to get high in a hotel room and then put ads on craigslist and answer ads as many men to come over and party with him as he can. He’s a cracked out faggot for cock, sucking the glass dick is his second favorite thing after having multiple men come over to get high and party. We spent 2 hours on the phone getting him wasted and I had to help the junkie write his ads and post them for him because he was so cracked out.
He had to pay per listing, I thought it was only fair that he had to pay me $50 per craigslist posting. Seeing as I was the one who was going to help deliver his play party pals and cock I SHOULD make off of it. Stupid high ass loser!
Rent boy was 2 hours late with his rent check and had to sit with a dildo in his mouth for an hour in the corner. Another $500 Nordstrom card made up for it after the hour was finished.
Are you ready to get cash drained and mind altered? I know you are and im ready to take total control.
crack slut

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