Hypnosis Intoxication Phone Domination

by Michelle on February 18, 2013

Holiday weekend always brings out my elite level slaves. The ones that know how to nurture the fact that Michelle Loves Money. My hypnotic voice took a couple of my high end addicts on quite a mental ride. Even I’m high after all that and I need a day to myself to regroup and go shopping and get myself something pretty.
Addiction to my hypnotic voice and dreamy body is inevitable. Calling me may induce intense financial and brain cell loss. It always feels so pleasurable so why not just let go and let me contain your mind for a while.
Sissy cuckold Ken and I met up this weekend for a quick cleaning seminar. I met him over at a hotel close to me and got the room really messy before he got there. He was to come meet me with his hot pink sissy maids outfit on to room 243 with his box of cleaning supplies ready to polish the room.
I prepared the room spilling cereal on the floor, the bathroom I squirted shampoo and conditioner all over the place, the bed was totally messed up blankets everywhere, things were messy. He arrived armed and ready and he finished cleaning in less then the 2 hour session that we had planned which scored me an extra $500. He begged me to jerk off into a tissue before I was ready to leave and told him if he was going to cum he wasn’t getting a tip and that he had to give me an extra 20% tip. Sissy gave me much more of course for allowing him to be the sissy pig clean up slut maid that he is and always will be. He quickly changed and went back to his Law office.

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