Diaper Fetish Obsession

by Michelle on January 22, 2013

More and more of the diaper fetish weirdos have been calling me this month. Am I exuding a certain Mommmy essense that they are getting as they stare at me? Maybe it’s the way I laugh at them and humiliate them for being so pathetic and ridiculous to look at. It could also be my sultry phone sex voice that makes them yearn for a stern Woman to tell them what to do.
How humiliating to go around wearing a diaper and shoving your hairy knuckle in your mouth. You will be disciplined properly if you come under my care. I would love to shove you in the corner and take all your hard earned cash.
I once did a session with a diaper fetish sub and he sat and cried for 2 hours in the bath tub while he was still wearing his diaper. I yelled at him for about 25 minutes and got terrible bored and told him to cry it out while I ordered room service and laid out on the balcony texting friends. After his crying time was done I told him it was time for me to leave and get on with a more interesting part of my day. He was just another pitiful $500 in my pretty pocket.

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