Sissy Wants To Be A Playmate

by Michelle on November 29, 2012

Get those wallets ready slaves because My sleigh is out and I’m ready to start Christmas right now! Slave D. already showed off what a good slave he was with a generous gift card to for for my favorite spa so I have a few lovely days of pampering ahead of me. Shopping all day for holiday gifts in leather boots can be really stressful and that means my feet will need a lot of rubbing. Foot fetish slaves can always earn there way in my life with extra holiday rubbings.
Is this the UGLIEST attempt at being a Playboy bunny that you’ve ever seen in your life?! This hairy beast of a sissy was calling me from a hotel room away from his Wife on business. One can only imagine what a strict Muslim wife would say if she saw her husband dressed in slutty lingerie getting on a web cam calling a phone domination line. He asked me to make a promise to him that I would not take photos of him if he got on cam and especially that I wouldn’t place him on my site to expose him.
Bitch please, as if I’m not going to expose this pathetic bitch sissy. Quite frankly I gave him the option of spending $200 to NOT have his photo posted and he couldn’t come up with the funds. Sorry sissy you’re fucked and your ugly face is now here for all too see, cringe and laugh at. I hope a family member finds you and you’re exposed for being a hairy ugly skank.

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