Leaving You Broke, Busted And Maybe Blue Balled

by Michelle on October 24, 2012

You’re always asking what turns me on and to add to that list of turns on’s is old cash slaves who come back and make a big fat deposit into my bank account. Old masturbation loser Willie stopped by after a year of being broke and scared. The last time he called me I took over $700 from him in less then 5 minutes. It was the idea Financial Domination phone call.
Fast, swift and a nice fist full of cash all to countdown the loser to a little spurt of a cum puddle. The problem is this time he came back to me with less cash and because of that I felt he needed to be punished. Anything under $500 for a loser cash pig makes me not want to let the cheap bitch cum. Why would you come to me when you know I’m going to want to take you to the the edge and drain what little a broke bitch like you has.
He’s working hard for me to come back and really go for the big bang, to hit him hard with one big draining in half the time. Look at this pale broke idiot! More for me! Give me that money honey.

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