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Humiliation Assignment Sissy Cheerleader

by Michelle on October 5, 2012

Another loser, another fun humiliation assignment for cash pigs. I was a cheerleader 2 years in high school and it was only because I wanted to wear the outfit and tease all the guys in it. Of course it worked like a charm and I had every guy kissing my ass wanting to go out with me. I know you’re not really surprised about that at all. They all wanted me before the cheerleader outfit but that really made the boys weak as can be. My fondness for cheerleading always holds a special place in my bitchy heart for pathetic loser sissy’s who love to give a good cheer to the almighty C-O-C-K! What does that spell? COCK!!! LOUDER ! COCK! LOUDER! COCK!
2..4..6..8… cock is what I appreciate!
I gave a humiliation assignment to one of my sissy boys who daydreams of cock at every waking moment. I wanted him to come up with a cheer for me as an ode to the almighty big hard cock. Here is a little bit of what this dick slurping cum drinker came up with.
Cheerleader loser
He sounds like a absolute sissy fag ready to take a dick un his cheer skirt. He called me back later begging to get fucked by an entire football team and be the homecoming slut who never uses condoms and loves to drink cum. Open up your wallet and give it all to me losers. You know what I love, your money.

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