Short Dick Man Humiliation

by Michelle on September 24, 2012

Life has been glamourous for a Goddess like Me. Living the good life while you slaves are all in one way or another being financially dominated by me. I’ve been hanging out in Santa Barbara yesterday with cuckold David and a few girlfriends using his beautiful estate and taking calls while at the pool and spending my slaves hard earned money. I’ve gotten some awesome gifts from my gift slaves a ton of hot dresses and my Victoria Secret gift card obsession is always growing. I’m back in Los Angeles and getting certified in Pilates right now. Maybe I should open a Pilates / Yoga studio in the future that you high roller cash toys will fund.
My perfectly toned ass perched up high on the Pilates reformer while your face is underneath me. I come down and squat my strong thighs over your face letting you smell the crotch of my sweaty warm pussy.
Someones got a case of the short dick man blues! I had to exploit this little dick loser slave. His small little penis next to that giant big black cock just showing off hos tiny his little pale dick is. His outfit is crazy he looks like Raggedy Ann. Halloween came a little early for this premature ejaculating loser. Humiliated and abused he was a poor little phone sex puppet who’s strings were broken by the end of the call leaving him one limp little raggedy wimp.

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