Diaper Fetish Baby Loser

by Michelle on September 10, 2012

Halloween isn’t here yet it’s just this pathetic loser is dressed like this every day of his life! He got back from a weekend at one of his caregivers house. He had to clean his caregivers boyfriends cock and then clean the toilets. What a humiliated loser baby! He was so lucky that he got to go along on an hour long hike with my friend and I while I ignored him and let him listen to us have girl time.
A loser who sits in a crib and wears a diaper SHOULD be forced to pay to be ignored. He got to listen to my girlfriend talk about this new guy she’s fucking and how big his cock is and how sore she was from all the positions she got put in. Lucky for him I had a busy night and then he got to go to a party with me and sit on hold while I partied. He sat there on ignore on my phone for almost 2 hours. At one point we got him on cam on my iphone and a group of us were laughing our asses off. One girl walked in and thought we were watching a freak video and almost pissed her pants when she heard that was live. Party punching bags are so much fun I wuv my pathetic diaper baby fetish loser.

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