Obsessed Worship Slave Pig

by Michelle on August 17, 2012

A new slave has entered the stable he came to me on Niteflirt. We refer to him as “it” he’s not even worthy of a name so I thought “it” was fitting. The first night it called I was out with my friends having drinks and I put him on speaker phone so we all could laugh at him. I always love to entertain my friends with the losers who call my phone sex lines and this one was special. Thats exactly what I got, he started off singing a few songs for us. Some really humiliating self deprecating loser lyrics put to things like Britney Spears and Gaga.
The subhuman pig slave it called today very early in the morning and said “It seems ridiculous that a pig would sleep in a bed, it wants to beg it’s Mistress to sleep in a more appropriate place” The new place it will be sleeping will be a bathtub filled with mud fit for spa like environment for a loser pig slave. And now the the pig statement of principles.

Goddess Michelle’s OWNED Pig Whore

Today is the first day of my new life as Goddess Michelle’s completely owned loser pig whore.
The pig whore’s will henceforth live it’s pathetic life in accordance with the following principles and rules;

1. Goddess Michelle is not only the most important thing in the pig wbore’s life but the ONLY thing that matters.

2. The pig whore exists only to serve, please and amuse Goddess Michelle.

3. Outside of those required by the pig whore’s work, the pig whore will have no relationships, duties, distractions or activities that are not directly intended to serve, please or amuse Goddess Michelle.

4. The pig whore will live as a pig at all times when not at work or engaged as a cock whore for Goddess Michelle.

5. When at home, the pig whore is to remain in its pig pen at all times. It’s pig pen is the bathtub filled with mud. The pig whore will eat, sleep, defecate and urinate in its pig pen.

6. The pig whore will perform any and all humiliating acts required by Goddess, for her amusement or that of her friends.

7. The pig whore will dedicate whatever time Goddess Michelle requires as a cock whore and when being used as a cock whore will provide any services to real men that are requested including sucking cock, licking ass, gobbling balls, having its pig pussy fucked and swallowing or being glazed by come.

8. The pig whore will obey any other orders of Goddess Michelle.

Signed and committed to on a permanent basis by Goddess Michelle’s owned pig whore.

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