Sissy Diaperboy Loser Adult Baby Fetish Creep

by Michelle on July 31, 2012

Have you seen such a pathetic man such as this loser in the photo on my page. Meet loser diaperboy. He sits in his Tinkerbell bed with his bonnet on and some stupid shirt that say’s something idiotic on it. He also has a Minnie Mouse plush toy he cuddles while a mobile is going over his big fat head playing lullabies. He’s a big loser adult baby who loves to jerk off while he has his special made sissy diapers on. The really gross part is he likes to make a mess in his diaper and then be told to lick it up.
How disgusting is thing little Mommy’s boy. I really start laughing at him when he starts to go goo goo ga ga. I laugh and laugh as I take all of the losers money while he strokes and strokes his bald baby dick. In fact he doesn’t mind if anyone has his phone number so maybe next time I’ll give it out. He’s so in awe of me, he will sit in that crib the entire day to wait for me. I let him get on cam for me in front of all my friends this weekend and they were laughing so hard that they nearly lost their lunch. Yes diaperboy is that much of a total loser slave and I just adore him and I can’t wait for this big baby loser to keep earning like a good loser for me.

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