Cash Slave Always On Duty

by Michelle on July 11, 2012

A hot bitch like me likes nothing more than having her feet kicked up while a sissy slave is serving like a good slave would and should. I was on more leisure spa time with my girlfriends for more Summer fun. We went and met up with a sissy in San Diego that I’ve been talking too on one of my phone sex lines for a long time. Sissy Sarah took us out to the beach and to the San Diego zoo of course it wouldn’t be a sissy adventure if Sissy Sarah wasn’t all dressed up in a pretty dress and ruffle socks for a full day of fun in the sun. We even had our sissy girl bring along a nice parasol. We were getting some stares but most people didn’t notice, I did and I kept thinking his wife should find out what he was spending his Sunday afternoon doing. We had lunch, went to the beach for a little bit and got him into a pretty sissy bikini. I take such pride in watching a hairy chested man in a red bikini run up and down the beach like its Bay Watch and make an absolute public humiliation idiot of himself.

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