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Submit The Cash Under My Ass

by Michelle on June 11, 2012

Another work of art from a stupid full cash fisted idiot awaiting my snatching. This ass face cash slave knows his place now doesn’t he. He looks so pretty with his face stuffed between my soft ass cheeks. After I took a nice chunk of green from his wimpy fingers he started to get a bit lippy with me. I won’t stand for that bullshit so I decided to take it upon myself to recite his wife’s cell number and his office number. You see, it seems he forgot on one drunken forced intoxication session that he gave me this information. I had called and tested both numbers and they were 100% legit.
You could hear a pin drop he was scared and nervous that I was going to call and send photos which of course I was ready to do. He started to cry “But Mistress you’re blackmailing me and I didn’t ask for that”. When I hear that sad sulky tone my adrenaline shoots and I get so annoyed and really want to cause some damage. I offered him a $500 phone call relief pay to view on Niteflirt and this ass face was so swift at paying his Goddess to keep my fingertips from hitting the dial. Don’t ever fuck with me subs, I will control you and fuck you over even harder. paybitch2

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A Moss June 23, 2012 at 2:23 am

Worship of the finest ass around by a hungry little faggot

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