Sissy Slave Pet Humiliation

by Michelle on April 23, 2012

Humiliation assignement has been completed by my Arab slave Mo. He was assigned to watch the entire season of Top model and to get a slutty outfit, matching heels and a blond wig and to learn how to walk the runway for me. He’s moved on to much more skanky things like watching the Bad Girls Club to learn how true skanky girls behave. A new wig will be going to my Fulla doll, this time I’m having my sissy in something red and glamourous for his Mommy Goddess to pimp him out in. I think that will look so nice against his skin tone, it will make him that much closer to to being my sissy daughter.
I spent last night on a 5 hour forced intoxication call with Wayne he took down nearly an entire bottle of vodka and the pig ordered a massive large pizza and then ate the whole thing. I made him answer the door in a dress. A skimpy black dress with lipstick on, he looked like a total bimbo ready to blow the pizza man. He finally hit his credit limit and I had had enough of him I used him until he passed out on the call snorring it was a good night for all.

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wimpy man April 23, 2012 at 1:40 pm

You’ve got to be the sexiest woman on NiteFlirt, and on the planet!

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