Learn To Spell If You Want My Attention

by Michelle on April 3, 2012

Are you fucking kidding me? You want to do a session with me and then send me this garbage? How does a illiterate idiot like this even know how to use the computer let alone funtion the keys on the board with that horrendous spelling. You should all know when stepping forward to me that you should send me a proper email not this childish bullshit. Is that how you think you speak to a dominant Goddess? At least if youre going to be a stupid potential phone humiliation caller have money or something to give yourself a meaning.

“Dear Goddess Michelle,
i em sew proud of You and happy You had sew much fun. i wish You could take advantage of me sumtime soon two! i would love two give You my money if You would pleeease post some high resolution piktures of me humiliating me for You any way You want me two on Your website… (i would show my face and dew what ever You say of course).
YOUR wannabe tiny penis loser thingy john”

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Tiny Pens Loser John April 8, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Dear Goddess Michelle,

i am very, very, very sorry that i didn’t spell everything correctly. From now on i will be more careful before i post anything on Your website. The truth is that i got super excited thinking about giving You money so You could use me; so, i may not have had both hands on the keyboard…

Please don’t tell anybody, but i’m a chronic masturbator. i used to attend CMA (Chronic Masturbators Anonymous) Unfortunately, i was relapsing usually before, during and after the meetings. i know this is not good and i hope You can help me. (i guess it is rather obvious that i am a real life loser.)

i look forward to hearing from You and i hope You will take my money soon and, hopefully, teach me how to please You. Accordingly, i am on my knees begging You to let me know Your thoughts.

Please accept my gratitude in advance for the opportunity to give You my money.

Your tiny penis loser john

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