Foot Fetish Slave Andrew Back In LA

by Michelle on March 15, 2012

It feels like a Friday after a long night of foot worship from Andrew a slave of mine that flys in from Boston a few times a year for business. He was at his usual subpar hotel Downtown Los Angeles not exactly my favorite place to hang out so I have him pay extra to meet him there. If I’m going out of my way it’s got to be paid for. He knows exactly what I like and did show his adoration with his foot fetish lust by gifting me with a beautiful pair of Gueseppi Zonatti heels in a precious size 7. I was so happy with the shoes I was actually in a good mood luckily for him. I slipped on the new heels and we went to an early dinner where I drank way too much wine to get nice and relaxed for my hour long foot massage that was ahead of me. The whole time under the table I kept slipping off a heel and rubbing it into his crotch and telling him that his cock and wallet needed to get ready to surrender to me. I could feel his small cock getting harder and harder the drunker I got. He was boring me with his conversation so I pulled out my phone and started to text a couple girlfriends asking if they wanted to meet me at the hotel to also get some cash and a foot massage. Unfortunately I was going solo no one wanted to come out but then again, more cash for me!
Dinner was fantastic the food was wonderful, hot guys were staring at me left and right as I flirted and winked I’m sure they knew I was a domme by the way I was ignoring my “date”.
We got back to his suite and the first thing I did was get another bottle of wine and pop on a movie and tell him to get to rubbing my pretty feet. I was bored after 20 minutes and the evil greedy cash loving dominatrix that I can be came out. I told him if he wanted to rub my feet anymore he would have to wrap each toe in an additional $20 and then lick my soles to get the grime of downtown off my shoes. He face fucked my heels and I felt satisfied. A little foot fetish domination and a nice stack of cash and I called my car to come get me. All of this in 3 hours it was supreme. He begged me for a foot job before I left but I just laughed, grabbed my things and walked out the door leaving his cock rock hard and undrained.

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