Pay Pig Worship Slave Screen Licker

by Michelle on March 2, 2012

Cash slaves February was was definitely a month of lots of love, worship and devotion for Me. My submissive minions showed such a good display of devotion through gifts and cash. I drained wallets as cocks got harder and weaker. I tore through minds like a tornado ripping through a town pulverizing it into nothing. I won in the game that we played. Several sever cash draining’s yet each of you groveling cash pigs reading this thinks “is it me she’s referring too?” wouldn’t you like to know who it was that got hit the hardest. Who was the king loser of Michelle’s financial domination?
The more you spend the closer you are so I suggest if i’m not calling you out it’s still not worthy enough so keep handing that cash over to me and lets not forget the gifts go on top of it.
You want to please me and we both know how, giving me what I want. I do admit I love My losers fan art made for me. And here we have this poor slob of male, I actually don’t know his name (nor do I care) so I just refer to him as “give me what I want” thats what I call him, and thats what he does. He’s just another ugly loser aching for My attention and he knows giving Me money and making me laugh make Me happy. Life’s #1 goal and priority for a loser who wants to adore me.
We have a new month upon us and it’s getting time for me to travel even more and that only means one thing, more abuse for you and more money for me. I’m working on some mind fucking hypnotic Mp3’s sure to bring you down to your knees with your cock in your hand waiting my every command.
My Worship Bitch

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