Panty Sniffing Sissy Cuckold

by Michelle on February 19, 2012

Take a nice look at the $1,000 panties on My inferior slaves face. The very panty’s that are filled with the lust and cum from My stud of course. He sort of reminds me of Goofy with the socks over his ears. What a totally pathetic pay slut he is. It’s just as it should be with his face buried deep in my underwear as he worships and sniffs. I’m feeling so greedy just writing this email that I’m going to bill him another $1000 just because I simply can and and I just love money so much that a little financial domination makes me wet, hot and needing to get myself off. Quite frankly $1000 for just me really isn’t fair is it? A good cuckold slave knows that My stud also should have another $1,000 for his massive load that he is also getting to taste. Is there anything more divine then the essence of a mighty cash loving greedy bitch and her man? My cuckold slave will bow and pray to these dominating treats every day with no questions only honor. Just the way I like it. As a Valentine gift I sent him a token of My ownership which he now wears around his neck. Wasn’t that almost sweet of of me? Showing off My softer side enslaving him deeper with a token. I really am THE best Goddess EVER.

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Tiny Penis Loser John February 20, 2012 at 12:55 pm

Dear Princess Michelle

i can’t help it, but i’m jealous of Your panty slave. i am on my knees begging You to let me give You even more money if You will humiliate me. If only You would please ruin me in whatever way You see fit, my pathetic life would finally be worthwhile, because i know i would be serving You.

Thank You for everything You do for losers everywhere to help make the world a better place!

YOUR wanna be tiny penis loser john

Michelle February 24, 2012 at 8:48 am

You should be jealous. Start serving and get in the place that you belong. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get on My site. Something to strive for.

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