My Pretty Greedy Fingertips

by Michelle on January 24, 2012

Desperate submissive slaves from Niteflirt phone sex past have been making their New Year appearance. I love a week of bossing around my little underlings and taking my flawless manicured fingertips and showing off my most greedy side. I just keep cash raping them on Niteflirt as I take more and more each day. Financial Domination fetish flowing through my viens pulsing with each greedy click and pay. I love refreshing my screen and watching my bank account growing fatter and fatter thanks to all my submissive cash slaves who know how to please me the right and only way.
Working over my slaves while they admire my pretty face on camera, melting them with my honey tinged skin and my erotic nipple seduction. I can’t stop laughing as I pluck it all away with sheer giddiness. I can’t remember the last time I actually paid for one of my bi weekly massages, it’s been years. Thats the way this bitch like it and it’s the way it is. Are you into greedy phone sex? Do you get turned on by a Woman who wants to get herself off and leave you hard and horny leading you on for more. I’ve got what you want. I just got myself wet writing this post, now its off to financially dominate again and again.

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