Is This Cheap Loser Serious?

by Michelle on January 13, 2012

Who am I? I am Michelle Loves Money Niteflirt’s greedy phone domination Goddess. That was a small refresher course because apparently that wasn’t coming across clear with my name and all. Is it hard cock, idiot brain syndrome?
“I would like you to dress me up as a slut in some slutty cheap looking clothes and add a couple of surprises to the clothes.  Then start calling me a new girly name.
After this make me beg you to hang-up and raise the rate as you’re telling me how ridicules I look all dressed up being a right bitch the whole time and just hang-up without any warning and raise the rate after I have begged enough.
Each time I call back remind me how it’s costing me more to try and cum and how stupid I look all dressed up for about the first 20 – 30 seconds and then give me a 3 second countdown to cum but never give me any warning when you start the countdown and if I fail just hang-up without warning.
Raise the rate by 20 cents each time you hang-up.
Make me fail to cum in time the first 3 times in your own cruel way, but be nasty about it giving me no chance to cum however you want to (0% chance).
Be a real bitch and don’t make anything easy for me, no extra time to cum, don’t be nice to me and really make me beg you to start raising the rate (the first time only).
Once we start playing raise the rate, keep the calls short and quick, after the 3rd time when I actually get a “fair” chance to cum maybe increase the rate this time only by more than 20 cents to shock me a bit and encourage me to cum faster.”

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